Registered in the National Registry of Associations,

(Section 2 / National number: 51387 / July 2019)




The third Aikidô Dôshu, Moriteru Ueshiba,

defines the concept of aikidô from a manifold perspective:


“Aikidô, a Japanese Budô, is a path of enlightenment under the spiritual guidance of Dôshu.

As a martial art it strives for personal development by training as a form of body-mind integration.

As a lifelong sport, it is a demonstration sport without competition, which embraces the Olympic values of excellence by cooperation-together, friendship and respect.

As a potential lifestyle it is connected to the concept of ikigai.”


Ikigai: Reason to live, motivation to live, joy of living, will to live

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Spanish aikido organizations

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Spanish aikido organizations

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Ô-sensei, Morihei Ueshiba, Fundador del Aikidô
Ô-sensei, Morihei Ueshiba
Aikidô Founder
Ô-sensei, Morihei Ueshiba, Fundador del Aikidô
3rd Aikidô Dôshu
Moriteru Ueshiba

Objectives of the FNAAE

1. To represent Spain before international aikido organizations, specifically, the International Aikido Federation -IAF- and the European Aikido Federation -EAF-.

2. To vindicate before the High Sports Council (CSD), Ministry of Culture and Sports, the independent identity of aikido as a ‘sports modality’, not as a specialty.

3. To later on request the subsequent creation of a Spanish Aikido Federation, as occurs in most of the countries around us.


To achieve these objectives, the FNAAE will inform on this project and will send an inclusive invitation to all aikido organizations in Spain that are interested in achieving these objectives.

Especially to those organizations with Aikikai Honbu Dojo Official Recognition, following the spirit and mandate of the AIKIKAI FOUNDATION AIKIDO WORLD HEADQUARTERS INTERNATIONAL REGULATIONS, in the Art. 4.5 An Aikido organization which has been given Hombu Recognition shall keep contact, coordinate and cooperate, as appropriate, with other Aikido organization(s) in its country to promote friendly relations. Also it is recommended that a type of umbrella organization for those Aikido organizations should be established.

Flexibility and multilateralism that respects the idiosyncrasy of each organization is intended; so that, with the solidarity of all in common union, mutual aid, and working together, Spanish aikido reality can be shown, both in quantity and quality, before the Ministry of Culture.

The FNAAE seeks thereby to make visible all aikido practitioners, instructors and dojos that actually are in Spain, many more than double of the official federative data of the CSD.


The chronology until the constitution of the FNAAE begins in 2010 with the request to participate in the IAF from the association Spain Aikikai, since Spain had no representative. For this reason, this organization was invited by the IAF to attend the following congress as an observer-candidate for a representative partner of Spain, an essential requirement to become a member.

Consequently, Spain Aikikai attended the 11th IAF Congress, held in Tokyo in 2012. Later, in 2014, when Spain Aikikai sent the official application to obtain membership, the IAF reported that there was another Spanish organization, Aetaiki, that also wanted to become a member, asking for a dialogue in order to study the possibility of presenting a joint candidacy.

As a result of the negotiations, a joint candidacy was presented, led by Spain Aikikai and Aetaiki, with the support of Aikikan Spain and the Canarias Aikikai Aikido.

ACAE, one of the five organizations Recognized by the Hombu Dojo (HRO) in Spain, was informed and invited to participate, although there was no response.

The joint candidacy, named “Aikido Aikikai Spain’, attended the 12th IAF Congress, held in Takasaki in 2016; this candidacy held the Spanish membership at that time, temporarily, until the creation of an umbrella organization that welcomed all interested HROs.

Since November 2019, once constituted and registered in the National Registry of Associations, the FNAAE, originally constituted by Spain Aikikai, Aikikan Spain and the Canarias Aikikai Aikido, is the Spanish member of the International Aikido Federation.

In December 2020, Aikido Arashi Group became a new full member and AFA Madrid (Association for the Promotion of Aikido of Madrid) a associate member.


In February 2021, AETAIKI Aikikai España became a new full member and AEAT (Asociación Española de Aikido Tradicional) a new associate member.

In October 2021, Escuela Tradicional de Artes Marciales Kisei Dojo became a new associate member.

In December 2021, Asociación Takemusu Aikido Zaragoza became a new associate member.

In September 2022, Aikido Tradicional Cantabria became a new associate member.

In September 2023, Mallorca Aikido Club and Isshin Kai became a new associate members.

international organizations

IAF Membership Certificate (Pulsar para ver)
IAF 2020 Certificate
International Aikido Federation -IAF-

The creation of the FNAAE is the culmination and fulfilment of the IAF mandate to create an ‘umbrella organization’ for the Spanish membership that would bring together all those organizations with official recognition of the   Aikikai Aikido World Headquarters Honbu Dojo of Japan that were interested in participating.

The IAF is member of the GAISF (Global Association of International Sport Federations), of the Sport Accord association, IWGA (International World Games Association), and of the AIMS (Alliance of Independent Recognized Members of Sport); organizations all related to the IOC.

The International Aikido Federation (IAF) representing the martial arts of Aikido, has been a full member of GAISF (Global Association of International Sports Federations) since 1984.

As a full member of GAISF, IAF is complying with the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) requirements and is a signatory of the World Anti-Doping Code.

IAF is also a founding member of the Alliance of Independent Recognised Members of Sport (AIMS) which is an umbrella organization duly recognized by the International Olympic Committee.

Aikido, a non-competitive martial art, has been included in the program of all the editions of the GAISF’s World Combat Games as well as in the 2019 World Martial Arts Mastership in Chungju Korea in 2019, an event held under the GAISF’s Patronage.


European Aikido Federation -EAF-

Likewise, the FNAAE has been the member and representative of Spain in the  European Aikido Federation -EAF-  since its reconstitution.

The EAF was created long time ago, but it has been without activity, recently it was decided to modernize the statutes adapting them to the current times -like a new constitution-, in Almere, Netherlands, in July 2109; with the presence of the Dôjôchô, Mitsuteru Ueshiba, and the IAF President, Kei Izawa. A new Board of Directors was elected, which has launched a comprehensive program of activities.

Among the purposes of the new EAF is the official relationship with the European Union, both for its official recognition of the EU, and to be able to participate in its sports, educational, social and cultural programs.

The EAF has approved in its first assembly the proposal of application to the EU for the creation of officially recognized aikido teaching qualifications at a European level.

european aikido federation
EAF Membership Certificate

On the occasion of the reconstitution of the EAF, Tibor Navracsics, EU Commissioner for Education, Culture, Youth and Sport, sent a message of support.


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Spanish Version

Photo Gallery

11th IAF Congress, Tokyo (Japan), 2012

Seminario del Dôshu.
Dôshu’s seminar
El presidente de Spain Aikikai (derecha) en el seminario de clausura del Dôshu.
Spain Aikikai’s President (right)
at Dôshu’s seminar

12th IAF Congress, Takasaki (Japan), 2016

Kei Izawa, presidente de la IAF con los presidentes de Aetaiki y Spain Aikikai.
MR Kei Izawa, IAF President
with Aetaiki’s and Spain Aikikai’s Presidents
Pepe Jesús García, presidente de Spain Aikikai, con el Dôjôchô
Pepe Jesús García, Spain Aikikai’s President,
with Dôjôchô
Con el Presidente de la IAF
With IAF President
Representantes de los países nuevos socios de la IAF en 2016
New IAF member countries’ representatives in 2016
Póster del 12º IAF Congress
12th IAF Congress poster

IAF President and General Secretary visit to Spain in 2018

Reunión del Presidente y Secretario General de la IAF con Aetaiki y Spain Aikikai
IAF President and General Secretary meeting
with Aetaiki and Spain Aikikai Presidents
Reunión del Presidente y Secretario General de la IAF con Aikikan España y Spain Aikikai.
IAF President and General Secretary meeting
with Aikikan and Spain Aikikai Presidents

Dôshu’s visit to Madrid

El Dôshu en Marid con representantes de Aikikan España y Spain Aikikai
Dôshu in Madrid
with representatives of Aikikan España and Spain Aikikai

Enbukai 2018

Enbukai con distintos grupos de aikido españoles interesados en formar parte de la FNAAE, con motivo del X Aniversario de Spain Aikikai.
Enbukai with different aikido groups interested in taking part in the FNAAE,
on the occasion of Spain Aikikai 10th Anniversary
Representantes de Aikikan España y Spain Aikikai con el Sr. Suzuki, Agregado Cultural de la Embajada Japonesa en España.
Aikikan España and Spain Aikikai representatives with Mr. Suzuki,
Cultural Attaché of the Japanese Embassy in Spain.

FNAAE Constitution, Madrid, 2019

Constitución de la FNAAE. Junta Directiva
Constitution of the FNAAE. Board of Directors
Inscripción de la FNAAE en el Registro Nacional de Asociaciones.
Registration of the FNAAE at the Associations National Registry

Constitution of the new EAF, The Netherlands, 2019

Intervención del Dôjôchô en el acto de Constitución de la nueva EAF
Dôjôchô’s speech at the Constitution act of the new EAF
Participantes en la asamblea constitutiva.
General Assembly participants
Pepe Jesús García, Presidente de FNAAE, firmando ante notario como nuevo miembro.
Signing of the new members,
FNAAE President
Representantes de países europeos nuevos miembros.
European new members countries representatives
22. Delegación española de la FNAAE con el Presidente y Secretario General de la IAF.
FNAAE Spanish Delegation
with IAF President and General Secretary